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Lord Voldemorts Horcruxes
Lord Voldemorts Horcruxes
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Tom Riddle's Diary Horcrux

Lord Voldemort has six horcruxes which are bits of his soul, separated from the main entity to ensure his immortality. But if all of them are destroyed, he will be mortal.
His six Horcruxes are:
1. T.M. Riddles Diary
2. Marvolo Gaunt's Ring
3. Salazar Slytherin's Locket
4. Helga Hufflepuff's Cup
5. Something Of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's
6. Nagini
7. Lord Voldemort himself

Of the Horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions, we shall not speak nor give direction -
- from the introduction of
Magick Moste Evile, Hogwarts Library (HBP18)

Horcruxes are indeed a matter involving very advanced, very Dark Magic. Only one book in the Hogwarts Library has been found to refer to them even in passing, the subject is banned at Hogwarts, and only two of the most senior professors on the Hogwarts staff are known to have any information on the topic: Albus Dumbledore and Horace Slughorn. Most of our information on Horcruxes comes from them, particularly from Professor Slughorn's memory of a fateful conversation with the young Tom Riddle and Professor Dumbledore's later analysis of that memory (HBP23).

The term "Horcrux" is used to refer to any object in which a person has concealed a part of his or her soul. The object need not be inanimate; according to Dumbledore, a living creature can be used as a Horcrux, although it is risky to do so since the Horcrux in such a case is something that can move and think for itself, independently of the implanted fragment of soul.

The purpose of a Horcrux is to protect the given bit of soul from anything that might happen to the body of the person to whom the soul belongs. While the Horcrux is kept safe, the person will continue to exist even if his or her body is damaged or destroyed.

Creating Horcruxes

To create a Horcrux, by definition the spell-caster must have split his or her soul into fragments, so that one fragment can be implanted within the Horcrux while the other is retained in the spell-caster's own body. The act of splitting the soul is accomplished by committing murder, which rips the soul apart. From Dumbledore's remarks about Voldemort's possible planned use of the murders of the Potters when Harry was a baby and of Frank Bryce's murder in 1994 [Y14], it does not matter whether the victim is a witch, wizard, or Muggle. According to Slughorn, some spell appears to be involved for the implant process, but Slughorn neither knew nor wished to know the details (HBP23).

Professor Slughorn, the potions master at Hogwarts - both during the time of Tom Riddle and during Harry's sixth year - explains to Tom that a horcrux is an object in which one stores part of one's soul. First you have to split your soul, and the way you split your soul is by murdering someone. So horcruxes are very dark objects. However, it is because he had part of his soul stored outside his body that Voldemort was able to survive when his curse against Harry rebounded upon him in Book 1.

Voldemort decided that if one horcrux was good, then more would be even better. Since seven is the most magically powerful number, Voldemort decided to split his soul into seven parts. Six of the parts went into horcruxes and the seventh part remains within Voldemort's body. It turns out that one of the horcruxes was the diary which Harry had to deal with in Book 2, and another was a ring, handed down in Voldemort's family from Salazar Slytherin. Harry destroyed the power of the diary and Dumbledore destroyed the power of the ring, leaving four more horcruxes which must be found and destroyed before Voldemort can actually be killed.